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When you sign up for a free one-month trial of the NINJUTSU BLACKBELT HOME STUDY COURSE by Bushindo University you’ll be able to access and download a PDF of the course curriculum, and you can also start watching the training videos for the first level (9th kyu) of the first degree black belt course (shodan level.) Or, get the first level on DVD today and take advantage of free IDBA membership for a year plus access to the NINJA DOJO training forum where hundreds of other students and instructors get together online.

The “Ninjutsu Black Belt Home Study course” with Doshi Van Donk, Grandmaster of the International Bujinkan Dojo Association (IBDA), is the first step of your ninja training journey that can take you all the way to Ninja martial art instructor. Or, just train your way to 15th degree black belt for your own enlightenment and self-defense reasons.  All courses from beginner to 15th degree black belt from Bushindo University are available on DVD, or you can stream the lessons from your online account. Doshi Van Donk is one of the highest ranked personal students of Bujinkan Grandmaster Hatsumi Soke

Ninja Black Belt Course DVD Set

  Want the Ninja Black Belt Course DVD set right away? You can order the first level of the Ninja Black Belt Course immediately on DVD! It will entitle you to 1 year IBDA Membership, and Online Ninja Vault and Private Study Forum where you can ask instructors your training questions. Bring a Japan trained Master Instructor right into your own home or dojo to teach you step by step the authentic art of the Ninja

Ninjutsu Black Belt Course



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